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Founded: 2013

Owner: Rick Gardner


Areas of expertise: 
Pigeon Trainer, philanthropy, entrepeneur



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Kailua Beach welcomes Tourists with Aloha
Recently a family visiting Oahu found the Kailua Birdman entertaining a curious crowd of vacationers and captured this quick video.  Hope you enjoy!

One day while sitting alone on the beach on Maui, I was intrigued by some pigeons and their behavior.  I attempted to earn their trust by offering them some tasty treats and it wasn't long before I was able to have them eating out of my hand and landing on me.  I had discovered, like all animals, they will contemplate the risk before pursuing the reward.  As long as they felt safe, they would become trainable.  And with this I had made a connection with nature that has since brought me a great amount of joy.  ​In this search for a connection with "Mother Nature" I have made some friends along the way.  Some may call them "Pigeons" or "Flying Rats" but to me they have become as friends.  Like loving pets, they don't care what kind of car I drive, or if I've had a bad day, they are always happy to see me.  And that makes me proud to be their kind and compassionate friend, the "Kailua Birdman"

Matter, Energy, and Spirit.  It is my belief that beyond the physical elements, all living things posses a divine spark of life.  Beyond the chemical/electrical elements that make up our physical bodies, we posses a spirit, a soul, or like the Hawaiians call it "Mana,"  a life force.  When we are in tune with that life force it is amazing the connection we can have with others, even outside our human race.